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I'm a food-loving, dog-chasing, plant mom in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Married to my best friend, seeking out the beauty in the everyday, and capturing bride's special moments - follow along as I share the thoughts in my brain with the internet at large. 

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As we stepped out of our cars on St. Anthony Main, the last few raindrops fell and the sun broke out from behind the clouds. We were able to catch all the locations Dana & Jim picked out, PLUS have an awesome time with their puppy. (if you need any more reasons to scroll through this post, there's a puppy with a bow tie. I'm serious. Don't miss out).

A little dog, a bustling brewery, a sun-soaked rooftop, and a sunset walk through Boom Island Park made this engagement session a whirlwind of precious moments, gorgeous scenery, and plenty of laughter.

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