I have a *literally* ever-growing collection of succulents, an avid love for all things dog, and a very particular passion for coffee. I follow Jesus, love taking photos, and pride myself in the fact that everything I own is from the thrift store.

I'm Meagan

I graduated from Brown University in 2018 with my bachelors degree in Visual Arts. 


I believe that art and life and human history are super intertwined. We've been created to create - so go learn more about art.


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i'm kind of all over the place

I'm currently in Minneapolis, MN


instagram @meaganelizabeth.photo

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A house warming gift from myself. That's legitimate, right?


She grew from a single leaf. Isn't that COOL?


A house warming gift from a good friend.

In the spring of 2017 I bought a $1 daffodil from Walmart and killed it. My plant lady career wasn't looking so hot. 


Since then, one of my main life goals has become to collect as many green growing things as I can (and give them names, of course). I'm currently unsure of their total numbers, but I've definitely hit the 25 mark and I'm always open to donations.



we'll start with 6 to keep things reasonable

Moose likes tennis balls, carrots, and walking laps around our apartment while he eats his dinner. 

This is my husband, Zaka.

He likes coffee, dogs, and farming.

Photo by Emma Halet Photography

My Man-Crush Every Day

This is Moose

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis-Based Wedding and Family Photographer

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