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Making Pasta at Home // Amanda + Collin's summertime engagement session in Minnesota

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

They were neighbors. They grew up together. Their parents were friends. They hung out at each others' houses. Witnessed each other's awkward childhood phases. Teased each other. Hung out.

His first car became her first car when she bought it off of him. It was in that car that they had their first kiss at 14.

But they never dated. Their families were too close. It wasn't worth jeopardizing the friendship over.

Every time Amanda brought a boyfriend home in high school, Collin would make a point to convince her parents he was no good for her. He didn't like seeing her with other guys.

They got through college. Did their own thing. And then all of a sudden it clicked.

It was always you.

They got together. And now they're going to risk a darn good friendship by getting married.

Turns out real life makes pretty freaking good love stories.

When Amanda reached out to me about shooting their wedding, I realized I had been following her on Instagram for a while (the small world of the internet, haha). When we talked, she mentioned wanting to make pasta for their engagement session. Umm. YES. She and Collin honest to goodness make pasta together from scratch on a weekly basis. Goals much? I was obviously all over the idea and drove out to their home in Isanti on a sunny summer evening to get messy and celebrate love.

For the last half of their session, Amanda and Collin changed into something a little less covered in flour and we headed to a nearby county park to catch the sunset.


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