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2024 edition

The Mini Session Guide

here is everything you need to know to make the most of your mini session


I'm so glad you're considering booking a mini session this season! Prioritizing professional photos for your family is such a valuable way to treasure each season of life and celebrate milestones; whether your kids are wiggling out of your arms and exploring the world, or about to graduate from high school and head off on their own. 

Mini sessions are short and sweet, but long enough to get group and individual photos - the perfect Christmas card, a fresh memory for the living room wall, and the little things too - like a great phone background that's going to make you smile every morning when you look at it. 

I'm thrilled that you've chosen to trust me with your memories. 

The Details

$225   |   20 minutes   |   20+ professionally edited, high resolution digital photos

table of contents

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My Family Photo Philosophy.

In my 5+ years photographing families, the number one thing I've learned is that the best photos come from letting your kids be kids. Family photos are not a normal day - new outfits, different routine, and they can sense when you're feeling the pressure. Some kiddos love being in front of the camera, and some are a little more shy. 

My philosophy is basically "roll with it, joyfully." We'll have fun and make your photos feel like you - and if a toy dinosaur or a game of "chase that toddler" make it into your session, I promise you'll just love your photos more, because they capture your family as you are in this season - messes, tears, favorite toy, and all. 

As a parent, don't stress about your kiddo's behavior - with interactive prompts and a lighthearted atmosphere, I promise we'll make some magic, no matter what. 

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Selecting your outfits

putting outfits together for the family that just work

Consider the season & location.

With spring and fall mini sessions, its always a little tricky to predict the weather. It can be 50 degrees one weekend and 80 the next. Being willing to pivot on outfits so that everyone can be comfortable is important - its tricky to get good smiles when we're all shivering. 

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Outfit Pointers

The goal is for you to look like yourselves, feel fabulous, and have a great time!


Say yes to the dress

Long, flowy dresses look great on camera because they add movement to your photos and tend to be super flattering. Mom's and daughters in dresses give your photos such a soft, whimsical feel. 

Moms - make sure the dress you select is something you can crouch down and move in comfortably with your kids. Wear tight fabrics and loose necklines with caution. We don't want you feeling like you need to shimmy and tuck to look amazing. 

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What about dad?

I recommend that men wear long pants and closed-toed shoes, since shorts and sandals tend to draw attention away from your faces and down to your feet. You can't go wrong with jeans or khakis with a light colored button up.

When in doubt, wear light, solid neutrals. Long, swishy dresses are DREAMY in photos. Wear pieces that make you feel GOOD.


Color Pallettes

Wear neutrals and light, muted colors. Beige, navy, cream, gray, denim blue, and shades of olive green or taupe are foolproof options. Coordinating palettes, instead of trying to match, is the goal. Each family member can be in a different dominant color, and low contrast tends to look best. 

Avoid harsh whites and blacks together. While a pop of color in one or two outfits is fine, avoid neon shades and bright red or pink (these colors can cast unflattering pink tones into your loved one's faces in the sunshine)



While I recommend avoiding ultra-blocky or bold patters, a subtle floral print, small check, or stripe is not a problem at all! Prints can be really beautiful and add texture to your outfits. Just be sure to select low contrast patterns - like light pink flowers on a cream background, vs black and white polka dots. 

Avoid graphic T's and clothing with big logos or words on them, as this draws attention away from your beautiful faces. 

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When will we get our photos back?

Do we have to pay extra for more downloads? What about printing?

Can we bring our dog?

Why are minis so early/late in the day?

My kids are sick!
What are my options?

Mini Session FAQ


Turnaround time for mini sessions is 3 weeks. You'll receive your beautiful, professionally edited, high resolution photos via email in a digital gallery. From there you can download, print, and share!

Nope! Your session fee includes a minimum of 20 edited photos and unlimited digital downloads. There are no maximums, and I'll deliver all of the best photos taken at your session. You can order beautiful, studio quality prints right through your gallery, or download your files and order through the print shop of your choice. 

Yes! I'm a huge dog person and have three myself. If you decide to bring your dog (or dogs) to your session, I recommend you ask a friend to come along to hang out with them while they're not in photos. That way the pups can have a fun time too!

Photography is all about light! While I know it can be a little tricky with naptimes, mealtimes, and schedules, shooting around sunrise and sunset means your photos will have that glowy, beautiful light you love in my work. 2 pm mini sessions might be convenient, but I promise you, there is nothing as magical as 8 pm on a May evening. If maximizing golden hour is a priority to you, book the first morning spot or latest evening spot! 

Life can be unpredictable. You are welcome to reschedule your session at any point to a different, available timeslot. If you need to cancel your mini session appointment for whatever reason, I am happy to issue a partial refund of your original payment. A portion of your payment ($75) is a non-refundable retainer.  Another option is to give your session to a friend or family member who can make it. Just email me and we can make a plan! 

What if it rains?

Come Prepared

If its a little wet or chilly, we'll go ahead with sessions. Consider bringing jackets and shoes suitable for soft ground if its been rainy. 


If its forecasted to rain (or snow, lets be honest) during your session time or be either dangerously hot or cold, I will send an email out by NOON on the day of your mini session with information on rescheduling options. 

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Printing your photos

You can order studio quality prints right from your gallery!

To make things super streamlined, you will have the option of ordering stunning prints, canvases, cards, and frames directly through the custom print shop in your gallery. Your beautiful prints will be shipped directly to you.


Quality matters

Print quality matters. You’ve invested in having beautiful, high quality photos - so don’t subject your images to the grab-bag of tragedies that is the Walgreens print kiosk. Remember that in printing you really do get what you pay for.


You can download full res digitals

That being said, you are welcome to print your images through any print shop of your choice. You may download all of your high resolution digital files and order your prints, albums, and wall art through the printer of your choice. 

I want nothing more than for you to be thrilled with your pictures and use them however your hearts desire. 

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Final tip!

Make it an adventure!

You're all dressed up and out of the house, why not end your session with a fun treat like going out for ice cream or picking up pizza on the way home. This gives the kids (and you) something to look forward to after photos!

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