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Fall + Winter at The Acreage // Seasonal Sessions at a Land Conservancy in Osceola, Wisconsin

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Located on 360 acres of woodland and prairie habitat on the bluffs above the St. Croix River, The Acreage at Osceola embodies the vision and legacy left by Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients.

This historic property, once serving as Horst’s residence, farm, and retreat, now serves as a model for sustainable conservation methods, a center for land and water stewardship, a place to learn, and gathering space for creatives, visionaries, and change-makers. (

"How is this real?"

This the only thought running through my head the first time I drove through The Acreage gates. Up a winding gravel driveway lined with statues. Towards a building termed "The Gallery", which is used as office and meeting space, but is chock full of art. Eclectic furniture. Mature plants. Intriguing vignettes of seating from different eras, continents, and styles. I could spend all day wandering through this space. But wait, there's more.

We meet the animals. Chewy the miniature donkey. Pal the palomino. The alpacas. The goats. The dogs. And wait, is that a guinea fowl? A few ducks? The fanciest little pigeons I've ever seen. And more art. Carvings this time. Dispersed through walking trails. Winding through native prairie. My goodness. The colors. The birds. And more buildings filled with art! What?

"How is this real?"

When the leaves changed colors last fall and Greg, the director, messaged me asking if I could come capture the changing seasons on the property, he received a resounding YES. I came by a few times through the fall and into the winter as the snow descended to capture a small piece of the wonder that is The Acreage at Osceola.

And then the snow fell.


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