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Amanda & Collin's spunky brunch wedding at Northern Stacks // with portraits in Stillwater, MN

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Amanda is not your typical bride. She's a professional photographer. Plant enthusiast. Bas-ass hard worker. Exceptional planner. Complete with killer tattoos, each one filled with meaning. And a family that absolutely BRINGS the party.

When she and I met for the first time over video call, the first thing I said was "Oh my gosh I follow you on Instagram!" It's a funny thing to think you're meeting someone for the first time, only to see a familiar face pop up on the screen. Being chosen by a fellow photographer to capture their wedding day is the biggest honor. Especially for a love story as good as Amanda and Collin's.

They were neighbors. They grew up together. Their parents are best friends (And they've both been married for 33 years. Did I cry during the anniversary dance? maybe). As kids, Amanda and Collin hung out at each others' houses. They witnessed each other's awkward childhood phases. Teased each other. Made memories.

His first car became her first car when she bought it off of him.

It was in that car that they had their first kiss at 14.

But they never dated. Their families were too close. It wasn't worth jeopardizing the friendship over.

Every time Amanda brought a boyfriend home in high school, Collin would make a point to convince her parents he was no good for her. He didn't like seeing her with other guys.

They got through college. Did their own thing. And then all of a sudden it clicked.

It was always you.

They got together. They fell in love. Moved in together. He put a ring on her finger. They threw a kick-ass party with all their friends and family. And now she's his wife.

Turns out real life makes pretty freaking good love stories.

They threw the typical wedding timeline out the window and opted for a first look the night before their wedding. Then, on the day of, Amanda and Collin started the day by getting ready together. Their meaningful ceremony was officiated by their good friend Marilee. Amanda HAND-MADE terrariums as center pieces that guests were allowed to take home with them (my favorite shot of the day is grandma watching the dancefloor, terrarium in hand). And their brunch celebration would not have been complete without pizza, donuts, and cinnamon roll cake. It was the perfect mix of sentimental and fun, with enough quirky twists to keep everyone smiling.

Getting ready together the next morning

The Ceremony

The Reception

Pizza Food Truck: @thebrickovenbus

Cinnamon Rolls Cake: @customssweetsbysarah

Photobooth: @studioveil

Videographer: @erichaugenphoto


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