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North Shore Adventure // Briana + Nick's Sunrise Engagement Session

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Briana and Nick picked me up in the pre-dawn darkness on a crisp September morning in Duluth. We wound our way up the north shore as the dawn light crept its way over the horizon. By the time we arrived at our first location, the tops of the trees were ablaze with gold and the expansive waters of Lake Superior glistened under the first rays of sunlight.

We walked out to the cliffs and took it all in.

What a perfect backdrop for some early morning adventure and romance.

When Briana and I first started planning their session, her number one wish was to get photos in front of a waterfall. When we arrived at the trailhead and realized the hike to the falls was going to be longer than we expected, Briana kicked off her heels, hiked up her skirt and up we went. That's my kinda girl.

The sun shining through the spray gave us the most perfect rainbow.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a North Shore session without a stop at Black Beach. We ditched the formal wear and had some fun without having to worry about slipping off rocks.

When you find a person you can laugh this hard with, you keep them. Its not optional.

I am over the moon excited to witness these two get married in May!

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