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Pour me another one // Momento Cocktail Menu Shoot // Downtown St Paul, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

"We want a moody, modern feel for these." Jordan, the marketing manager, says. Hmm. In a restaurant flooded with light, coated in jewel bright turquoise paint, featuring multi-colored murals and neon lights, this wasn't the most straightforward request. Momento isn't afraid of a little color. (Stalk this post if you want to see what I mean.)

But the bar tile was black. Like the side of the bar. Under the counter.

So we pulled a bench from the waiting area, grabbed a drink tray, figured out which switch nixed the under-bar lighting, and got to work. This is the kind of day that I regret not getting a few behind the scenes shots.

Just picture me kneeling on the floor under the ledge of the bar, checkout register above my head, guests walking behind me, and stunning drinks being passed back and forth from the bar to our little impromptu studio setup.

We pulled it off. This is probably up there on my list of most fun I've ever had at a restaurant on a weekday afternoon.

The shoot started with "A Friendly Gesture". Basil oil dancing in the company of dry vermouth, orange bitters, wheatly vodka, and gin.

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