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Shea & Patrick's Magical February Wedding in Lindstrom MN // Winter Wedding

A bride and groom embrace during golden hour portraits at their winter wedding in Lindstrom, MN

A girl from Arizona goes to school in South Dakota.

Everyone worries about how she'll do up north. She's far from home. The winters are harsh. Not to mention the short, chilly days and long, dark nights. The only logical thing to do is push it further. She falls in love with a boy in Roseau, Minnesota. The only reason I'm familiar with Roseau is that it's one of the last signs on the US side of the border when I'm driving up to Canada to visit my parents. Its pretty much as far north as you can go and still be in this country.

On the summer day up north when Shea first met her one-day-husband, Patrick managed to get a side-by-side stuck in the mud. This was the first of many adventures together. And after years of dating long distance, many long drives, countless camping trips and outdoor adventures with their dogs, these two wonderful humans got married in the most heartfelt winter wedding in Lindstrom, MN on February 18th.

When I arrived at the hotel the morning of their wedding the air was crisp. But the sun was out. Fresh snow glittered on the ground. And the temperatures were JUST above freezing, which meant fresh flowers could survive outside (a very real consideration in Minnesota winters!) I met up with Patrick and he handed over a bag with precious heirlooms. They had decided to give gifts to each other as their something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This day was just soaked in sentimental touches and love.

And this beautiful winter wedding celebration in Minnesota was the perfect proof that Shea is not bothered by a little northern weather. Congratulations Shea + Patrick!


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