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Susie + Austin's Spring Engagement Session // Somerset WI

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

"My siblings and I used to play war on those hills. "

"He asked me to be his girlfriend right up there."

"There used to be a railroad track running through here."

The layers of meaning baked into a property with decades of memories isn't something easily replicated.

It was a golden May evening when I pulled up at Susie's parents place - the home she grew up at, complete with her family dog, trees her dad planted over the years, and her mom pulling into the driveway halfway through the shoot with updates on her grandma's health. It was perfect. Meaningful. Beautiful. And so relaxed.

Austin's hair was still wet, you know, because boys. So we did a lap around the trails and got the lay of the land before taking some of the sweetest photos. I got the full tour, complete with the best stories. Since we spent the whole evening at one location, these two had time for not two, but three outfits. And I still can't decide which one is my favorite. I'm a huge fan of dresses, but there's something so authentic about two people in love, dancing around a place filled with memories in clothes they feel exactly like themselves in.

Also, I'm never ever getting over the way he looks at her. That's love right there people.

I can't wait for their wedding next April!


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