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Peak Fall at Maple Ridge Farm // Allie & Nate's October Wedding in Taylors Falls, MN

A blustery October morning. Clouds hanging in the sky. trees blazing their colors everywhere we looked; maples in shades of yellow and orange; oaks turning their rich burgundy. The drive up the St. Croix river to Taylors Falls took my breath away.

As I made my way to the farmhouse at Maple Ridge Farm, I selected a few perfect leaf specimens to include in Allie's detail photos. Imagine my joy when I walked into the bridal suite and saw the stunning dried flower bouquets (that she made herself!) sitting on the side table. Plus a row of bridesmaids dresses in a warm, red orange that couldn't have been a better match for the trees putting on a show all around us. The energy was calm - hair and makeup finished with an hour to spare, and all of Allie's ladies hanging out, listening to a playlist they had all contributed to, complete with the Harry Potter theme song, which just felt right for October.

Allie hand-bedazzled her wedding shoes, a cute pair of white converse. Nate wore custom socks with their cat on them, a surprise gift from Allie that morning. They played pool at the bar with their friends, rode into their reception on Nate's bike, and knocked it out of the park with their choreographed first dance. "We've been together so long, I just want this day to be fun," Allie had said. And fun it was.

Congratulations to the Roths!

Days like this would not be possible without the wonderful vendors who make them happen -

Floral / The Bride!

Make-up: Makeup by Amber

Caterer/Bartending / Old Log Cabin

DJ: Bellagala--Josh with Bellagala


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