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Allison & Sam's June Wedding at Bloom Lake Barn // Shafer, Minnesota

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Sam met Allison at choir practice. When their choir took a trip to Italy, he fell for her. They made it official. Fell in love. Years passed. They met each others' families. Grew together. Made memories.

Last weekend, he made her his wife.

It was a blue skies June day with the faintest wisp of clouds hanging in the air. When I arrived at Bloom Lake Barn in Shafer, MN, things were quiet. Getting ready was in full swing, but there was a peacefulness to the scene. Nothing frantic.

The support from both of their families was tangible. Sam's best man was his cousin and best friend since childhood. Allison's two sisters stood by her side throughout the day - expertly fluffing the many layers of Allison's stunning dress. In fact, all of their siblings made the wedding party. All good friends, having the time of their lives together as their two families became one.

From emotional first looks with both her dad and Sam, to a beautiful ceremony surrounded by mature trees, to dancing the night away in the historic barn - Allison and Sam's wedding was such a GOOD day. The setting was gorgeous, the details elegant, but what made this day was the people; Their dads laughing together. Grandparents having the time of their lives. Little nieces, nephews, and cousins absolutely living it up. If you scroll to the end for no other reason, do it to see Grandma Rose *borrowing* a cowboy hat and getting down on the dancefloor with everyone. Now that's how you celebrate your granddaughter's wedding.

June 9th, 2023

The Ceremony

The Party

Golden Hour

Congratulations to the new Mrs. & Mr. Wilmott!

Days like this wouldn't be possible without the amazing vendors that make them come to life -

Venue - Bloom Lake Barn, Shafer, Minnesota

Catering - Unique Dining

Hair & Makeup - Captivating Beauty


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