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Kaitlin & Mason // A Summer Evening at His Family Farm

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

A couple embrace in a wildflower field. She is wearing a white jumpsuit and leather hat

I opened my car door to a wall of July heat. The sun was dipping low, covered by patchy clouds, and the air still.

I glanced around and saw Kaitlin and Mason walking towards me, her cowboy boots and white jumpsuit glowing in the evening light. Beyond them, lush green hills rolled off into the distance. Dirt two-tracks and cattle fences creating geometry in the landscape.

I hopped into their truck. Kaitlin behind the wheel, expertly navigating ruts and turns while Mason jumped out to open and close gates. We explored the pond where they'll get married in October. The cattle pastures. Their favorite outlooks. Dirt roads that run with Mason's family's property stretching as far as the eye could see on either side. Somehow despite the heat, they managed to look radiant. Giggling together, being their adorable selves. Wildflowers were in full bloom, giving all the soft texture a photographer could ask for.

July might just be my favorite.


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