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Briana + Nick's Spring Fairytale Wedding at Bavaria Downs // Chaska, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

May 15th, 2022

Dinner had finished. The sun had set. A stunning blood moon was rising over the horizon, visible through the floor to ceiling windows of the Bavaria Downs ballroom. I had heard whispers of a lunar eclipse happening later in the evening. But first - toasts. Nick and Briana sat together, as husband and wife. He held her hand. They laughed. Shed tears. And took it all in as their parents, siblings, and closest friends poured stories, blessings, and well wishes over them.

One of Nick's best friends stood up. He began to share a story that so perfectly encapsulated something about Nick that I’ve noticed time and time again while photographing him and Briana.

He only has eyes for her.

Nick met Briana while they were both students at the University of Minnesota. He was immediately smitten by her. She took a little more convincing. But eventually, with Nick’s respectful persistence, Briana came to terms with the fact that they were perfect for each other. The rest is history.

Early on, Nick excitedly showed his friend a photo of Briana. “Isn’t she so beautiful?” Nick asked. It was a group photo. With multiple women in it. It never once crossed Nick’s mind that it wouldn’t be immediately obvious which of the women was Briana. She was the only one that mattered to him. That’s when you know you’ve found the woman you’re going to marry.

Witnessing them say “I do” was the most perfect start to my 2022 wedding season. The support of their siblings, parents, closest friends, and extended family was evident beyond belief. There was such a sense of peace over the day, despite the typical hustle and bustle of pulling off a wedding. The setting was absolute magic. Deer running through the hills. Swans floating gracefully on the water. Perfect spring weather. And the historical beauty of the Bavaria Manor set the perfect backdrop for Nick and Briana’s fairytale day.

The hugest congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Valente!

A huge thank you to the vendor team that made this incredible day possible!

Hair + Makeup: Ziel Bridal

Wedding Dress: Che Bella

Catering: D'Amico Catering

Videographer: Legacy Pictures

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