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Joyful Summer Wedding // Stillwater MN // Ally + Joe

Ally + Joe got married on a sunny August afternoon, surrounded by their families, closest friends, and dogs. In typical 2020 style, their plan for a big wedding with all their favorite people quickly pivoted to an intimate family celebration a week after their original planned date.

Ally + Joe took everything in stride and changed their plans. On top of having to be without several members of their wedding party, the power was out on the morning of their wedding due to a big storm the night before (luckily it came back on before the ceremony, so live-streaming was a go!).

Despite the circumstances, this day came together so beautifully. They even got a last minute surprise when Ally's brother and sister-in-law were able to make the drive up to MN to celebrate with them.

And I had the joy of hanging out with not one, not two, but THREE dogs who got to be part of the wedding too.

Getting Ready

With rose gold rings and a peach and white floral pallet, the warm, soft colors of their details were a dream come true.

Their First Look

Ally + Joe stood back-to-back in Joe's childhood front yard, under a mature maple tree, reading letters they had written to one another, before finally turning around and seeing each other for the first time. They took these moments to laugh, talk, and pray together before their ceremony.

The Ceremony

The beautifully rustic ceremony set-up was put together by Ally, Joe, and their families at the back of the property. And we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!

There's nothing like those just married feelings. Congratulations Ally + Joe!

The Wedding Party

Couple Portraits

We were blessed with the MOST PERFECT golden hour light. Gah. So pretty.

They rounded off the night with puppy cuddles and sparklers.

There's really no other correct way to celebrate, right?


Venue: The Dunlap Family Home in Stillwater, MN


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